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Math Minecraft: Ratios, Odds, and Fractions Worksheet

Welcome to the fictional world of Math Minecraft! In this worksheet, you will solve word problems related to ratios, odds, and fractions. Use your knowledge of these mathematical concepts to help you navigate the challenges in this blocky adventure. See Ratios: Unveiling the Power of Mathematical Relationships for an optional primer.

Problem 1

In Math Minecraft, Steve has collected 36 blocks of iron, 18 blocks of gold, and 6 blocks of diamond. What is the ratio of iron blocks to gold blocks to diamond blocks?

Problem 2

Steve decides to trade with a villager, who offers him the following deal: for every 3 iron blocks, he will receive 2 emerald blocks. If Steve trades all his iron blocks, how many emerald blocks will he receive?

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Problem 3

While mining, Steve encounters a cave with three different types of ores: Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, and Coal. There are 20 Redstone blocks, 12 Lapis Lazuli blocks, and 30 Coal blocks. What is the probability that the next block Steve mines will be a Redstone block? Express your answer as a fraction.

Problem 4

Steve wants to craft torches. Each torch requires 1 coal and 1 stick. If Steve has 45 sticks and 30 coal blocks, what is the maximum number of torches he can craft? Express the answer as a whole number.

Problem 5

In a Math Minecraft dungeon, Steve finds a chest containing enchanted books. There are 4 books with Efficiency, 6 books with Unbreaking, and 2 books with Fortune. What are the odds that Steve picks an Efficiency book at random from the chest?

Problem 6

Steve is farming wheat and wants to breed his cows. He needs 2 wheat blocks to breed a pair of cows. If he has 16 wheat blocks, how many pairs of cows can he breed?

Problem 7

In Math Minecraft, Steve finds a cave with two types of ores: Iron and Gold. The cave contains a total of 40 blocks, with 10 of them being gold blocks. What is the probability that Steve mines a gold block as a fraction? What are the odds of Steve mining a gold block?